Last week we talked about some of my favorite free tools I use and suggest to my clients and leads. 

I KNOW these are awesome tools for anyone new to starting a business or business owners who are looking for budget savvy ways to get the most of great programs. 

If you want to hear all the details and grab the resources from that episode you can go to free online tools!

Today, I want to expand a bit more on Trello. 

Like I mentioned last week, this is my go-to platform for organizing my entire business, managing 5+ contractors, and creating systems for my clients to use in their business when they are planning online projects like online summits, affiliate promotions or launching a new course… just to name a couple of things. 

Click here to check out TRELLO FOR FREE!

Overview of Trello

    • If you are a pen and paper kind of person, but know you need to have details online, this is the program for you. 
    • Organizing your ideas and your business using boards (like a white board), lists (like columns on a white board), and cards (like using sticky notes under the columns)
    • Each card opens up to give you a bunch of different features!
    • Assigning the card to a team member is one of my favorite features.
    • Color coding for visual people like me!
    • Checklists for those that LOVE checking things off your to-do list.
    • Due Dates to keep you AND your whole team on track.

Easy Systems Tip: Due Dates on Trello


Use due dates on the Trello cards to keep you and your team on track. You can also set those due dates to email or send notifications when a task is due in the next 24 hours or in the next hour.

  1. Once you have your Trello Card open, you’ll see an option to set a due date for a task on the card. 
  2. Set a due date that’s realistic for the project. 
  3. Be sure to let your team members know there’s a due date there and your expectations. (Remember they can’t read your mind.)

Once you’ve started using Trello and it’s features you can see how easy it is to pass off tasks to your team. 

Mini Soapbox: We do our contractors and employees a disservice by NOT giving them tasks. They want to help. They want to be a part of your team so use them!

Systemize With Trello Template

I’m going to share with you a public Trello template I created called Systemize With Trello.

Just click the image to the right. –> 

This is a free template you can use to start today with being more organized. AND I have some free training to go along with it! The link for the template is right below the training. 

Trello is also a HUGE asset to use when planning upcoming projects or brainstorming ideas you have in your business. 

Use Trello to manage all types of projects and ideas

  • Collaborative place for brainstorming ideas
  • Organizing member details including: Meeting notes, portal details, training references.
  • Summit/affiliate organization like, brainstorm speakers, mission statements, and important links.

So far, I can’t think of too many organizational needs I haven’t been able to do with Trello. 

You can take a look for yourself for free. Just got to the link provided at

If you have questions about any of the details I’ve shared today, don’t hesitate to email me! I’ll be glad to help!

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