So I’m not going to sugar coat this one. It’s been a tough couple weeks. Things just seem uncertain at this time and to be very honest, I took a week off of creating Ditch the Drift to refocus and find my footing again. 

I’m sure it’s been the same for many of you. And I want to give you the grace to say it’s ok. It’s ok to take a breath and step back to regroup. 

After that, it’s to get back out there!

One thing I’ve noticed in the last week is that the world needs you! They need YOUR business. They need your brilliance. 

They need you! 

The world can’t get what they need if we don’t dust ourselves off and get back out there with our businesses! 

But we can’t deny things are different for everyone and it might be time to pivot or adjust your business just a bit to be able to serve more. 

Like most of you, I’m trying to correlate this experience to others that have happened in my business to predict how things are going to turn out. 

I’ve had several pivots in my business. 

With these experiences, one thing stood out as it does with our current position in the world. What stood out is that we made a decision. Then we went all in and talked about all the pros and cons of which way we should go. 

Today I want to walk you through this exercise so you can effectively decide what’s best for your business and if it’s time to pivot or hold the course. 

Pros/Cons Decision Making Process

I’m sharing with you my Trello template to help walk you through this process. 

If you haven’t already, you can join Trello for free here.

Click the video to watch —> 

Grab your free Trello template here!

That way when a change comes your way (as it most certainly will) you are ready to take the time to assess and be sure it’s the best decision for your business.

Our easy systems tip for today is all about this pros/cons decision making model. I’m going to run through the steps real quick, then I’ll take you through an example. 

Easy Systems Tip: Create Your Pros/Cons 

Create your own Pros/Cons exercise from the template I’m sharing with you.
1. Identify the change you want to make.

2. List all the pros of making this change now (within the next week or two)

3. List all the cons of making this change now (within the next week or two)
4. Which of the two weighs out. (the factors will very, but after you list your pros and cons there should be a clearer vision of which decision is best for your business)
5. Take action!
a. Either scrap the idea and celebrate that you have made an educated decision to NOT move forward with it.
b. Or start putting your plan into place.

Now that you know the steps, let me take you through an example.

Identify the change you want to make. 

Currently, a lot of my clients, including myself, are deciding whether or not it’s a good time to launch their next course in the next couple months. 

List all the pros of making this change now (within the next week or two)

There are a lot of pros for a business owner to launch a program.

  1. Opening up courses that are not evergreen so viewers can have access to them. 
  2. Serving a community that might need guidance
  3. Income for the business that’s launching. 
  4. Creating a safe space for buyers to learn and grow. 

List all the cons of making this change now (within the next week or two) 

What about the cons of launching? Let’s talk about those. 

  1. Asking viewers for money when some people are being laid off. 
  2. It’s an uncertain time for buyers since they aren’t sure how long things will be like this. 
  3. Looking like you’re being greedy or salesy. 
  4. The launch might not be the right thing for viewers now.  

Which of the two weighs out. 

After you take into consideration all of the pros and cons for your decisions, it’s time to think of what’s best for your business. 

In the scenario of launching the next product, a lot of my clients and myself feel like it’s a volatile time in our society and we’re choosing to put a pause on launching.

Next it’s time to Take action! 

Whether you are for or against the decision there’s still an action you need to make. 

With our scenario, if you’re FOR launching, then you’ll have to let your community know and share with them that you are coming to them with a servant’s heart. You’re willingness to serve them in an uncertain time will be pivotal for their success. 

If you choose AGAINST launching, you’ll also need to be sure your community knows if you’ve started promoting and let your affiliate and JV partners know as well. 

Also, talk with your team about saving the work you have done so far and set a tentative relaunch time. Your work isn’t wasted, it’s just on pause. 

Again, I’m sharing a free Trello board with you along with some training at so you can start with this process today! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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