How I went from not knowing my place online to finding a passion in being a connector.

The Rise of an Empowered Online Joint Venture Entrepreneur

Before I had my 1000th joint venture call. Before I have been able to increase revenue in my and my client’s business by 130% every quarter. Before all of that… there was a WFHM trying to find her way in a busy online world.

𝙓 Saying yes to any client request.

𝙓 Searching for the expert place.

𝙓 Scared for years as I watched more and more of my clients’ success that I would never find my place.

Now, I can proudly say that I’ve not only found my place but also created it. My business has flourished, and the success stories of my clients echo the journey we’ve taken together.

Your Success is My Mission

Strategic Partnerships · Teamwork · Team Management · Business Strategy · Strategic Planning

After several successful years as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, I made the courageous decision to trade in my wings for the incredible journey of motherhood. Leveraging my background in education and aviation, I transitioned into a work-from-home career as an Online Joint Venture Business Manager.

As an Online Joint Venture Business Manager, I am dedicated to serving the community by assisting businesses and bloggers in achieving their goals. My passion lies in successful online partnership management, impeccable organization, and impactful email marketing strategies.


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