Fractional C-Suite Team

The truth is, you have a lot on your plate and it’s hard to get everything accomplished. You know you don’t need another VA or social media manager. You need the big dogs. But you aren’t quite ready to hire a full time employee. 

What you need is a C-Suite Team on Demand. 

The FCTC C-Suite Team consists of a COO, CMO, CFO and DOO. Take your business to the next level with your very own C-Suite Team at a fraction of the cost. 

The best part? We have a team ready to implement all the big ideas. 

Never worry about driving your business forward again because you have industry leaders at the helm supporting you. Mixing Marie’s military background and love of organization with Ashley’s marketing knowledge, your business is well on the way to achieving all you desire and more.


I worked with Ashley at a small unsecured lending firm. She was the head of marketing and lead generation for the company we worked for. Her skill set was the most valuable aspect of the business because she was responsible for the Brokers/Sales Team (which I was a part of) to get “Warm Leads”. Those leads produced more sales at the company than any other source. She is Kind, easy to work with and a great team player, I would recommend her her services and skills to anyone looking to make generate more sales and leads.

Hunter, Sales Manager


Between helping to manage and grow my social media presence, to taking on various projects and organizational tasks, I feel like Marie is truly invested in helping my business be the best it can be and seeing it succeed. 

Alex, Owner


“Marie has been a tremendous stress reliever. She is great at taking initiative on projects and is a good communicator. I highly recommend her.”

Katie, Blogger

The Process


Core C-Suite Team

ONGOING Management

During this time, the FCTC Team and CEO will meet and set strategic goals and timelines. Know exactly what is being executed when and by whom.

Meet with Core C-Suite Team weekly to ensure goals and milestones are being met. We will set strategic goals, keep up with current marketing trends, streamline the systems, refine your processes and more. 

The FCTC Team will implement all ideas and strategy discussed during the Core C-Suite Team meeting.

Schedule a Consult with the FCTC Team to bring on your C-Suite Dream Team.