Get Your Stuff Together Trello Intensive

Welcome! So awesome to have you here!

Calendar Of Meeting Times

To-Do items:

  1. Join us in the Facebook Group:
  2. Please post in the group your introduction.
  3. Also, post in the group if you have any questions about using Google Docs (spreadsheets and documents). We will use Google Docs a good bit and I want to be sure you are comfortable.

It's time to get all those tasks down on paper!

This week is all about documentation. We aren't going to be able to organize what we don't know!

{I'll be right there to help you organize all the information for our follow on weeks in our Q/A session}.

I want you to brainstorm ALL the tasks you could pass off to your team member AND/OR the tasks you repeat most often in your business.

Some of these you might already know. If you aren't sure if it's something you want to systematize, YOU DO! Write it down.

To do this, I would like you to TRACK YOUR DAY. Start by tracking what you do in your normal workday for 5 workdays. By doing this you'll be able to see what tasks you repeat.

We will use those tasks to create an organized system in Trello.

Ready to get going?

Start by downloading your tracking documents. If you work better on paper, then feel free to print these out OR  use your favorite notebook.

Grab your tracking documents here:

Weekly Q/A Replay:

Thank you so much for jumping on and having awesome suggestions and feedback. You make me better!! Here's the replay for Week 1!

To-Do items:

  1. Track 5 workdays
  2. Brainstorm the list of tasks you could pass off to your team or you would like to create a documented system for.

We are going to dive in and BUILD your system this week!

How to Create a Copy of The Systemize Your Business {Template} Trello Board:

To start, be sure to create a copy of our Trello Template. This will give you a great starting point for building your systems in your business.

  1. Click here to open the Public Trello Template Board.
  2. Then create a copy. Here's a video how:


Weekly Q/A Replay:

Awesome questions on Week 2 Q/A! Be sure to post your questions in the group. I'll be glad to answer them as they come up.


To-Do items:

  1. Create your copy of the Systemize With Trello board
  2. Start filling in all the items from your brainstorm list into your Trello board to create your business outline

This week we are prepping for our final project next week! Gather the details you need and document as needed.

We want to streamline how you find information so we are going to gather the details so you don't waste time hunting down logins, documents (that might be swallowed up by your bottomless Dropbox), and anything else that will make your business more efficient.

Weekly Q/A Replay:

To-Do items:


Create your trainings and let's get organized!

Sometimes students can overthink this task. Resist the urge!

How I create training videos is to just turn on my video as I'm doing the task. SO next time I'm working on something I need to create an SOP for, I use my account. Check out the resources below for more details.

Weekly Q/A Replay:

{No Replay Recorded}

To-Do items:

  • Create your training videos for EACH of the tasks on your list.


It's time uplevel your system and make tweaks as needed.

First, I'm showing you some awesome resources to really uplevel your Trello organization. AND I'm sharing with you the Trello app and how I use it in my business while I'm on the go!

Weekly Q/A Replay:

{No Replay Recorded}

To-Do items:

  • Work in your system! Make sure all the details are listed for you to be able to pass tasks on to your team OR adjust training that might need more details or is out of date.


I'm not going to leave you hanging! 

It's time to work in your plans... with your team... and make the adjustments that you'll use for the life of your business. 

We will have Q/A sessions in the Facebook Group. All the details are in the event section.