Online Event Management

The FCTC team takes a strategic approach to creating a foundational event that you can replicate for years to come.

Allow us to create the process, assets and partnerships that will transform your business and create a lead generation and sales system that you can use over and over again.

We believe in creating authentic relationships with your new partners and audience that places you as the industry expert that encourages your peers to introduce you to their audience and has clients booking calls with you.


You know when the boxer is in the ring, all bloodied up, barely breathing taking a break on the stool wondering how he could ever slay the giant in the opposite corner? That was me before I hired you guys! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jen, Owner

The Process




Manage and close

During this time, the FCTC Team and host will meet and set strategic goals and timelines. Know exactly what is being executed when and by whom.

In the Delivery Phase, the host will meet with the FCTC team each week for a quick check in and status update on all deliverables. This will give everyone a peace of mind that the event is progressing and we are meeting milestones. 

Prior to the event, the host and FCTC Team will meet to walk through the entire process. We will check all assets, sales pitch, etc. to ensure host is confident in their event.

After the successful completion of the event, the FCTC Team will meet with the host to ensure that there is a successful handoff of assets and answer any final questions. 

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