Operational Excellence

The First Cup To Close team will move a new or established business forward to the next level through the FCTC pillars of Operational Excellence. We will improve business process, manage brand recognition, and refine strategy.

A satisfying personal life is critical for Operational Excellence and is integrated in the conversations which will increase your business profitability.  

Operational Excellence Pillars

Innovative strategy

This is one of the most important pillars within the FCTC process. Regardless of industry, your strategy must be one that incorporates quality product delivery. This product delivery could be a good or service. Your strategy should also be one that is built to not only accomodate change, but welcome it. Change is something that builds resiliency in teams and creates a culture of innovation. FCTC will analyze your strategy as an objective party will report findings for you to do as you please. We will also offer additional options to help you further refine your strategy.

Profitable Growth

Growth is of course important to any business. Profitable growth is even more important. The growth which I’m referring to not only affects the bottom line, but it also delivers positive growth for your customers. This direct link to customer satisfaction will undoubtedly lead to more growth for you. We will help you further refine your customer relationships and feedback to help you add additional value to your business. We will do this by conducting objective surveys and providing feedback and solutions back to you.

Lean Operations

Leaning operations focuses on making time on the job more productive and, therefore, more profitable. We will do this by reviewing daily activities of individual segments of your business and provide options for maximizing productiveness while increasing your final pillar; Life Balance.

Life Balance

Work Life Balance is one that is met with much chagrin by some and absolutely critical for others. Those in the former category are generally of the mindset that they will get less work out of colleagues by focusing on this too much. The reality is quite the opposite. Flexible schedules with a set number of objectives for a day, week, or month, will drive your staff to be more productive during times of work. Now, that being said, maximum balance is only feasible for those who earn it. People will be more likely to stay in jobs where they are holistically happy, feel productive as a member of the team, and are empowered to grow the business. We will help you achieve this by creating a mindset of self-motivation so colleagues will give 100% at work in order to improve their life outside of work. We can also plan activities outside of work that aren’t viewed as “mandatory fun.”

Process Refinement

Companies will often perform processes a certain way based on what works. What worked 10 years ago may not be the most efficient way now. Technology, mindset, and people change. Your processes need to be prepared to change as well. We will review your current processes and work with you to determine if that change needs to happen or if you should start planning for change. In the end, process refinement will only lead to improved profitability and Life Balance.

Brand Sustainability

Your brand is one of the most important characteristics of your business. Clients should see your brand and know what they will get. Your brand should be instantly recognizable and synonymous with quality and performance. If it’s not, we will get you there by whatever means necessary. That could be by way of marketing, brand refinement, or by helping you drive your company culture throughout the ranks.

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