Blog Confidently


  • Stay Organized
  • Share New & Old Content Consistently
  • Plan Ahead = Less Blogging Stress
  • Enjoy Creating Content


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This is THE blog planner for you to be confident in how your run your blog. If this is your first time starting a blog, or you have been blogging for years, this planner is for you! It's simple, organized and comes with videos to help you along every step of the way!

Blog Confidently is a Google Spreadsheet with 11 tab allowing you to organize and plan. Included are tabs for:

  • Longer Term Blog Planning Schedule
  • Weekly Blog Calendar
  • Blog Post Checklist for SEO
  • Blog Post Tracker
  • Facebook Page Scheduling
  • Facebook Posts with Juice Tracker
  • Facebook Page Shares
  • Facebook Group Chore Thread
  • Pinterest Tracker
  • Newsletters
  • Product Tracker

Each tab has an accompanying video with full explanation of how to use the tab efficiently.

The spreadsheet is customizable for your to tweak for your niche or blogging frequency.

There's also a support community! Jump into the From Zero to Published Facebook Group anytime to ask questions about how to organize and be confident in your blogging life.

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