Workflow Accelerator


Overwhelmed with all the things that HAVE to be done?

Worried about bringing on new help because you're not sure how to organize their tasks?

You know you're missing deadlines, meetings, or tasks because you aren't sure WHAT your organizational system is, but it's a mess?



It's time to jump in and get your stuff organized your 2020. This Intensive is meant to keep you accountable so that you can walk into the new year with less stress, more confidence in your business and a gameplan to scale and grow!

BUT you can't do that without a plan.

If you have BIG GOALS for your business, join me for the intimate 5 week intensive where we are going to create better systems, useable templates, and processes that will help you create raving fans and a team that's excited to work with you!

Here's the Intensive Plan

Week 1: Brain Dump - we are going to get :

  • tasks you might want to pass off to a team member
  • SOPs (standard operating procedures) you want to create
  • your perfect workday/week

all documented. We can organize what we don't know!! {I'll be right there to help you organize all the information for our follow on weeks}.

Week 2: Build your Board - It's time to customize your Trello Board for your business. Some of our members might need to build several. That's ok. We need a good house for all those details and a place where your team can find what they need.

Week 3: Gather Your Resources - We want to streamline how you find information so we are going to gather the details so you don't waste time hunting down logins, documents (that might be swallowed up by your bottomless Dropbox), and anything else that will make your business more efficient.

Week 4: Make the Training - I KNOW you know how to do all the tasks you just listed, but your team may not. AND even if you don't have a team yet, what if you want to do something crazy like go on vacation? How can you ask for help, even if it's short term if you don't have training documented? We are going to work in week for and DO what you need to DO to walk into 2020 with confidence.

Week 5: Uplevel and Power-Up - Once we get your business processes documented and ready for 2020, we are going to take it to another level. It's time for us to REALLY get the most out fo Trello with their Power-Ups and integrate your organizational system with your current business plan. This is where I'm going to sit down with you one on one and we are going to set you up for the long term success of your business.

Follow On Support - I know new systems don't always work perfectly, so I'm going to stay with you right through Q1. I have 2 Q/A sessions planned each month and we'll have our own private Facebook community so you can ask questions any time for the next 3 months. I'm not going to leave you hangin'!

Here's the catch! I'm only one person so I have to limit this intensive to just 10 businesses. I wish I could take on more, but this is going to be an intensive that's going to get your business set up FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR BUSINESS, so I'm bringing 100% of my energy and focus to those that join.

Have questions? Reach out to me at   I'm happy to jump on a quick call to help you decide if this is the right fit for your business!


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