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Overwhelmed with all the things that HAVE to be done for your business?

Worried your current clients are feeling how appreciative you are of them?

Ready to create a system that help your current clients say YES to staying with your business for years to come?



It's time to jump in and love on those that already love you! This Intensive is meant to bring your customers service for your buyers to another, give you more confidence in your business and create a gameplan to help you scale and grow your business!

BUT you can't do that without a plan.

If you have BIG GOALS for your current buyers, join me for this three part intensive where we are going to create better systems, useable templates, and processes that will help your buyers say YES to renewing into your program or membership. (AND recommend others to do the same!)

Here's the Plan:

Part 1:This first training is all about setting up your Client Journey system and knowing the features you have on Trello to get the very most out of this platform.

Part 2: We are going to talk about layering your programs and get automated reminders to move your customer service to another level.

Part 3: Check out how to create a powerful system where your clients feel like they are REALLY apart of your amazing community.

AND there are Bonuses! I know how much easier life is with resources, so I have 5 different templates and tip sheets to make things so much easier for you!

Follow On Support - I know new systems don't always work perfectly, so I'm going to stay with you right through Q1. I have 2 Q/A sessions planned each month and we'll have our own private Facebook community so you can ask questions any time for the next 3 months. I'm not going to leave you hangin'!

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